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So, the greatest year group ever are leaving. Over the next couple of days we will post lots of memories on here.


Missing you already!!!

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image image image image imageWe’ve won some LEGO!

Woo Hoo!

We are on a mission to win more. To do this we need to create a short film; we have gone down the route of ‘animation’. The title of the film needs to be Magical Mayhem.

Here are some pictures of some of the scenery the children have created so far.

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Watercliffe Meadow Montague

Watercliffe Meadow Montague

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Capulets and Montagues at Montgomery

Capulets and Montagues at Montgomery

Reported by Kohan Shipston-Khan

In y6, the Watercliffe Meadow pupils have been preparing for the play, Romeo and Juliet. This will take place at the Montgomery on the 8th of July 2014.

After the half term holiday, which was the last one before the y6 children leave school and say goodbye, the audition process began. Some people were looking forward to being on stage and the centre of attention; others weren

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‘S5 Story’ – THEATRE NEWS & Latest News from Production Team

‘S5 Story’ – THEATRE NEWS & Latest News from Production Team
Hi Everyone,
The Cast of S5 Story are already learning new skills in our rehearsal sessions – real theatre ‘speak’ and technical terms. Maybe one of you could do a short blog on some of these?
On the Production side –

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Mr B

IMG_20140523_122954 IMG_20140523_120744Well, what can I say? What a week! I can’t believe how amazing our Year 6 children are. I have enjoyed it sooooooo much. I am very tired but still smiling. Thank you to the children for being such good ambassadors for WCM. Thanks to their families for letting us (and trusting us) to take their children away. Thanks to the cadets for coming out to entertain us. But most of all thanks to Jeremy and Neil for hosting us. See you all soon. Mr B.

Pictures to follow.


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The Cadets have arrived!


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Derwent challenge


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